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Ato Kibru Fonja

 Nib International Bank S.C. is accepting Visa Card

Nib International Bank S.C. wants to congratulate its dear stakeholders that it has begun acquiring Visa Card starting from August 24, 2015 in addition to acquiring MasterCard branded counterparts.

This was stated by Ato Kibru Fondja President of Nib International Bank S.C. following the successful fulfillment of all requirements set by Visa Multinational Financial Service Corporation and commencement of Visa acquiring business.

Visa Acquiring business is now begun after the Principal Membership of Visa, our third party processor Premier Switch Solutions S.C. (PSS) has became PCI – DSS compliant, going live in pilot production mode and finally after Visa has certified NIB to start Visa Acquiring business publicly.

He also mentioned that, as Ethiopia is one of the fast growing economies in the world, the capital city of Africa and the destination of many tourists from all over the world, accepting this type of international branded cards makes the country as a convenient destination.

He further mentioned the fact that the Bank has already launched the services of Mobile & Internet Banking services to its esteemed customers; the Bank has also finalized its preparation to give Interest Free Banking and to install its own additional 100 ATMs and 600 POS terminals.

Using this opportunity, the President of the Bank has also confirmed that the   Bank is always working to use state-of-the art technology more and serve its customers to their entire satisfaction.

Established over a decade ago by 717 Shareholders with a paid up capital of birr 27.6 million, now NIB is one of the biggest private banks with 3,925 shareholders and birr 1.3 billion paid up capital.


                                                                                                                 October 02, 2015

                                                                                                                       Addis Ababa

                                                                                            Kibru Fondja


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