Currencies Buying Selling
USD 20.7339 21.1486
EURO 23.4106 23.8788
POUND 32.0339 32.6746
UAE DIRHAM 5.6448 5.7577
SAUDI RIYAL 5.5273 5.6378
SWISS FRANC 21.6995 22.1335
SWEDISH KRONER 2.4448 2.4937
CANADIAN DOLLAR 15.6968 16.0107
SOUTH AFRICA RAND 1.5817 1.6133

Ato Kibru Fonja

On behalf of the Management and on my own, I am delighted to share this short message with all stakeholders of Nib International Bank. First of all, I would like to trace back to the origin of the Bank thereby to appreciate the founders of this vibrant company who have taken all business risks in investing their expertise along with scarce financial resource. Our Bank has already sustained 15 years of service in Ethiopia’s Banking industry with considerable annual growth. During this golden period, our Bank has achieved quite a number of social objectives as well as commendable business goals. As a result of concerted efforts of corporate leaders, shareholders, depositors, borrowers, employees as well as the general public at large, our Bank today came to a level of significant height measured in major financial parameters. In reaping untapped business potentials, our Bank is still moving forward with ever increasing momentum

Focusing on recent phenomena and critically assessing the environment, NIB adopted the 2nd five year strategic plan in which it has incorporated comprehensive success factors, goals and objectives to be achieved in the five year period. In this strategic plan document, external opportunities and threats as well as internal strengths and weaknesses of the Bank are clearly identified. We have already accomplished the second year operational plan of this strategy and currently stepped into the third annual operational plan. The main focus of implementing this strategic plan in the past two years was in changing the external threats into opportunities and internal weaknesses into strengths.

Such long term strategies usually require organizational restructuring in which the Bank has been radically ushered into a comprehensive change process during the last operational year.

The strategic plan coupled with organizational restructuring has entailed revision, updating, and developing new working documents particularly policies and procedures for almost all operational lines of the Bank. All these efforts have been aimed at transforming the Bank to a prominent level in the banking industry.

The aggregate efforts of the Board, Management and staff have been realized by implementing the latest technology in C.O.R.E banking solutions, which has fully networked all branches, implemented One-Window-Service (OWS) delivery, Card Payment and ATM service expansion to meet the needs of our esteemed customers. The Bank also changed its logo through which it has achieved significant business promotions and image building. The most important part of the achievement has been observed in capacity building of staff and management training, employee motivation and inspiration through various means.

With courageous involvement of the Board, management and employees, the Bank generated sound profit in the financial year and registered commendable increment in all performance parameters against last year despite challenges in overall banking business environments particularly in the foreign currency earning.

                                                                                                         Kibru Fondja


ይሠሯል ከልብ፣ እንደ ንብ !

 The Bank that Strives to Stimulate Growth!